The following tasks can be performed with Creativities.PDF:

Merge files

Merge multiple files into a single PDF file

Office to PDF

Convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to PDF

Images to PDF

Convert images to PDF

Edit structure

Delete or rotate pages. Save as entire PDF or extract individual pages only.

Export images

Read out the images integrated in the PDF

Split PDF

Split a PDF into several individual PDFs

Remove protection

Remove a set password, encryption and restrictions

Protect with password

Protect and encrypt a PDF with a password

Compress PDF

Reduces file size by optimizing fonts, images, and content.

OCR - text recognition

Convert non-searchable PDFs to searchable PDFs using OCR.


Buy licenses

Our licenses are valid without time limitation. The fee is a one-time payment, not a subscription.
You get a time unlimited license for our current version 1.
If we release a new major version (with new, additional features) in the future, you can decide whether you want to continue using the version you licensed, or switch to the new version at the (discounted) upgrade price.


Number of licenses Price per license
1 - 4 19,95 €
5 - 9 17,95 €
10 - 49 15,95 €
50 - 99 12,95 €
ab 100 9,95 €

If you prefer to order on account for your company, we will gladly accept your written order.
You can also request a corresponding offer directly from us.
You can find the contact details in our imprint.

About me

After training as an IT specialist at an insurance company, I gained experience in software development at several medium-sized companies. Initially working exclusively in the development of Windows applications, the development of apps for smartphones became another focus of my current work.

Furthermore, I am an author for dotnetpro and speaker at conferences, e.g. Developer Week.